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PADI Assistant Instructor

PADI Assistant Instructors are utterly invaluable team members, able to teach numerous courses and experiences independently.


It's a great stepping stone to becoming a full instructor, completing most of the IDC but not needing to attend a PADI Instructor Exam.

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About the Course

Learn How to
  • Be a confident and skilled teacher

  • Demonstrate dive skills so your students can learn easily

  • Become an invaluable asset to any dive centre around the world

During the Assistant Instructor Course (which is effectively the first half of the Instructor Development Course) you will learn how to teach in class, in the pool and in open water, as well as increasing your knowledge of PADI Standards and developing your own skills to demonstration quality.

Take This Course If You Want to
  • Teach youngsters the Bubblemaker and Seal Team programmes

  • Teach PPB, Project Aware and Coral Reef Specialties

  • Assess surface skills for the open water course

How to Earn your Assistant Instructor Certification



PADI eLearning

PADI eLearning makes it easy to fit the 13 sections of AI eLearning into a busy schedule. 


Study offline, or online using a computer or mobile device. Connect with Kerrie or Edwin whenever you have a question or concern.


  • eLearning time commitment: approx 14 hours




With Your Course Director

During the AI course, you will participate in some fun and challenging workshops with your Course Director and other candidates, playing the role of instructor in realistic scenarios and giving teaching presentations to build your confidence and ability. You will also be part of some interesting and thought-provoking curriculum presentations and you will prove your understanding of PADI standards through a written paper.

  • Prerequisites: PADI Divemaster

  • Time commitment: 3 days



With Your Course Director

During the AI course you will also take part in a comprehensive pool session where you will perfect your own dive skills and practice giving teaching presentations.  There will also be a day at open water full of workshops and more teaching practice.

  • Time commitment: 2 days

  • Total time commitment for whole course:        5 days

  • Depth: expect shallow dives for practice teaching (7m)


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More info

All PADI Professional Level courses requires written approval from a physician before you can begin the course.   Some local GPs offer this service and you can download the Diver Medical form here to take to your doctor for sign off.  Please send us a signed copy. 

If you (or your physician) have questions about medical fitness to dive, contact the experts at Divers Alert Network (DAN).


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