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PADI Master Instructor

PADI Master Instructors are highly respected industry leaders, recognised as elite scuba diving educators with vast experience and proven track record.  

We can help you to achieve this prestigious rating by providing varied and numerous teaching opportunities.


About the Certification

You earn the Master Instructor rating by exemplifying what it means to be a scuba diving professional through your teaching efforts and professional conduct. 

There is no short cut to this level - it requires a huge depth of experience, investment of time and a true passion for teaching.

We appreciate that unless you are already working at a busy dive centre, this is an extremely difficult rating to achieve so we have designed a programme that is truly customisable into a bespoke package that exactly meets your needs.

How to Earn your Master Instructor Certification




  • You need to have been in instructor for at least two years, and have attended at least 3 PADI seminars. Our Business of Diving seminar credits as one of these, contact us for more info.

  • A minimum of 150 certifications to include at least 50 continuing education AOW and above (15 specs, 5 Rescue, 5 DM, 5 AI, 10 EFR).  We can help you to achieve this by providing real world teaching opportunities.




With Your Course Director

We appreciate it's particularly hard to fulfill the five AI certification requirement, so there is an alternative we can help with - you can staff two IDCs instead. There are two huge advantages:

  • You earn a certification credit for each and every IDC, AI or OWSI candidate on the IDC which counts towards your MI total

  • You gain experience of instructor level training and the IDC syllabus, so if you are looking towards taking the next step to Course Director, this is definitely the route you should consider. 

Continue your career and begin a lifetime of discovery. 
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