Tec Diving

Tec Diving

Created: 2017-05-30

Blog by Stefan Taylor

I would like to share my story of my journey into the world of Tec Diving.

The interest for me started not long after completing my advanced open water diver course. As I started to dive more, I noticed other divers with different equipment than me. So, me being the person that I am, started to chat to the other divers to find out a little bit more about it. The result of these discussions made me even more interested in Tec diving.

So, jumping forward to about a year later I invested in my twinset and decided to do my Tec 40 training. A couple of months later Kerrie, Bethan, Lauren and I started the learning process by studying the Tec eLearning manual. This is a great tool as it covers everything you need for learning how to Tec dive up to Tec 50. After completing knowledge reviews and a thorough pool session, we all headed off to Vobster to complete the Open water dives. After 2 days of skills dives and planning and executing a decompression dive, we all did it and passed our Tec 40.

Well that was it for me I was very much hooked and I decided to continue on with my Tec training and went on to complete my Tec 45 and 50 because I absolutely love it. For me it is the planning of the dives and how exciting it is to be down at depth for longer than recreational diving allows.

I then decided to train to be a Tec Instructor so I can teach other people to enjoy all aspects of Technical diving and all the rewards it brings. I am happy to talk about Tec diving to anyone who wants to listen to me and I my mission is to make it an enjoyable and fun experience while keeping people informed of the serious side of Tec diving.

So please feel free to come and talk to me about Tec diving.


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