Ocean Turtle Team

Meet the Team

Kerrie Eade - Platinum Course Director, Elite Instructor & Owner

I fell in love with diving after trying it for the first time on holiday in Turkey. I continued to train all around the world from Australia to Zanzibar, Mexico to the Maldives, Spain to Sicily, Galapagos to Great Britain and many more in-between! I took over at Ocean Turtle Diving in 2014 and have since been passionate about combining travel with training, not just for myself, but for all our divers. I became a Course Director in 2017 and achieved Platinum status in 2018, 2019 2020 and 2021. I love teaching all levels of diver, from complete beginners to PADI Professionals.

Stuart Eade - Co Owner

Stu is a full time firefighter with Hampshire Fire and Rescue and works out of Basingstoke fire station. He has been in the fire service for 16 years. Stu is an advanced open water diver and is working towards his rescue diver. He is a qualified Gas Blender and Scubapro technician and has dived in the UK, Zanzibar and Spain. He originally trained with Ocean Turtle Diving back in 2004 and helps out at the dive centre when his shifts allow.

Anna - Dive Centre Manager and Instructor

Diving’s been my whole life since leaving a stressful London corporate life in 2006, when I set out with the aim of learning about new cultures, different countries, and diverse ocean life and topographies. My work in diving and tourism has taken me from the cooler waters of the UK and Croatia where I worked for my Divemaster, through Tobago in the Southern Caribbean, Belize with the longest Barrier Reef in the Northern Hemisphere, over to the rugged beauty of New Zealand, the remote isolation of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific, and Sulawesi and the Spice Islands in Indonesia. Working thousands of miles away has its perks, but I’m happy to relocate back to the UK where I’m a stone’s throw from my home country… Wales. Ask me about how learning to dive here in the UK compares to those warm water destinations, and I’ll tell you you can’t beat qualifications earned right here! Looking forward to meeting you all!

Stephanie - Dive Centre Assistant

I first did a Discover Scuba Diving session in July 2019 with family, and because I loved it so much, I took the giant stride to become o-fish-ally certified as a PADI Open Water Diver in October with Ocean Turtle that same year. Fast forward a year, and I am a Rescue Diver and qualified Gas Blender. Whilst the conditions of British diving may scare some people off, I love the way the cold water preserves wrecks and improves the visibility of certain sites. I also love how I can switch off from stresses in the world above land when I'm underwater, and being able to focus solely on the dive to the best of my ability with the incredible dive community is brilliant. Diving has many meanings for different people, so come and learn to dive today and you will not regret it!

Hannah - Dive Centre Assistant

I first did a discover scuba diving on the great barrier reef, while living in Australia, and loved every second of it. I went on to do a few fun dives in Crete and Spain, and I wanted to take my diving further. After returning to the UK, I completed my open water course with Ocean Turtle Diving in 2018 and then got hooked on diving. I'm now Rescue certified with my sights set on Master Scuba Diver. I did a week of work of experience in the shop and now I work here every Saturday.

Alun - Instructor

I love the variety of the wildlife, from nursery sharks in the Caribbean, to lobster and seals in Cornwall. I love the history of wreck diving, from double decker buses in a flooded quarry to tanks sunk in the channel. As a Divemaster, I enjoyed showing complete beginners the joys of diving, come and give it a go. Alun has recently become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and can now teach numerous PADI Specialties.

Andy - Instructor

Scuba Diving was always something I wanted to do. I was in a pretty dark place when I finally got round to learning, and the total calmness and excitement of the dive really helped me. There is nothing more peaceful than swimming through a shoal of fish that slowly move aside to let you pass or the anticipation of descending onto an iconic wreck for the first time. Once qualified I knew I wanted to share the experience with others and to help them along their own path towards becoming a Diver. As a Staff Instructor I have been lucky to travel to some amazing dive locations such as the Red Sea, Turkey, Ascension Island, Gibraltar and of course the UK; where I have been privileged to witness and share in peoples own sensational experiences and elations.

Ian - Instructor

I learned to dive on holiday in Cyprus with my 11 year old daughter. Watching her develop into a confident diver (and score higher than me in the Open Water Exam!) was enough to ensure that I was hooked. I love how varied the diving experience is; I’ve dived the two deepest indoor facilities in the world, explored wrecks in Egypt and Mexico, dives Cenotes, worked as a Rescue Diver on huge public events and much, much more. Let’s dive together soon!

Jackie - Elite Instructor

I love “big stuff” and wrecks. Night diving with hundreds of nurse sharks, manta rays swirling around, seeing my first whale shark were awesome Maldivian experiences. Descending deep into a wreck, exploring the holds, ascending staircases into sunlight is my other vice. There are no better reasons to learn to dive and as a Staff Instructor I love opening up the possibility for others to experience these highs.

James - Instructor

I first learnt to dive in 2008 and have been fortunate to dive in many amazing locations around the world. I’m always looking for my next underwater adventure, whether that’s diving a wreck or seeing marine life and ecosystems, there is simply no experience like it. I was a late comer to UK diving, but can honestly say it’s amazing and as much of a buzz as diving anywhere else. I’m really proud to be part of the Ocean Turtle team and look forward to seeing you in the water soon!

Jenny - Instructor

Jenny was our 2020 summer Instructor Intern. She joined us for the summer before heading off to uni to study Marine Biology. Jenny trained up to become an Instructor to add to her Divemaster qualification and Coral Specialty Instructor. She worked in the dive centre as well as at dives sites assisting and teaching. Jenny has extensive experience of coral conservation having worked on projects in Mexico.

Joep - Elite Instructor

Wreck diving and looking for the small stuff, especially nudibranchs, is what I really enjoy most. I've always been a warm water diver, but after doing my first cold water dive in 2018, I was hooked. Such an amazing experience and it added a great new dimension to my diving which I'm very excited to share with you! My absolute all time favourite dives are being surrounded by bull sharks in Fiji, the variety and abundance of marine life in the Poor Knights Islands in New Zealand, and exploring the Cenotes in Mexico!

Kev - Instructor

I love all things colourful and nature. Show me a tropical reef full of fish and coral and I love it, put a camera in my hand and I’m in my element!! I particularly love sharks and I have been lucky enough to see lots of amazing specimens as well as many other beautiful ocean creatures. For me I believe there is no better reason to learn to dive and I can’t wait to help shape our future diving superstars!!

Stefan - Elite Instructor & Tec Instructor

My interest in diving started when I was on a family holiday to Rhodes, where myself and my brother did a Discover Scuba dive. When I returned home, I decided to train to be a PADI open water diver and then that's is when my life changed and I knew diving was going to be my new passion. I decided to do my advanced open water and some specialties that interested me. Deep, wreck and dry suit diver as I knew I wanted to dive in the UK, closely followed by Rescue and DM. I have been lucky enough to travel to Spain and Egypt teaching people to dive and also been to some great locations for holidays and Liveaboards. I am also very passionate about diving in the UK and enjoy travelling to many great dive sites along the south coast of England.

Teresa - Instructor

Being underwater for me is like entering a different world. Its peaceful, magical and exciting. Watching and respecting sealife as they go about their business. Egypt has been my favorite place so far - mixture of reefs and wrecks to dive, abundance of sealife, however you can't forget what we have on our doorstep. The south coast has plenty of wrecks to explore and with sea conditions a little different than places like Egypt - it makes diving even more exciting! There are no better reasons to learn to dive and I love teaching scuba diving and share my love and passion for diving as a hobby. Teresa has recently earned her Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating, and we are very proud of her acheivements.

Lee - Assistant Instructor

I have always loved being underwater and when at the swimming pool, I would always be diving down and swimming along the bottom. I wanted for years to try Scuba Diving, but felt it was something that happened aboard and not in the UK. I eventually learnt to dive in Thailand and really feel in love with it. When I came back to the U.K, I wanted to keep it going and when I met the team at Ocean Turtle Diving, they introduced me to an active and fun UK diving community and within a year, I had worked up to Divemaster & TecRec Diver. I am passionate about Diving especially in the U.K and really proud to be part of the staff at Ocean Turtle Diving and have the opportunity to bring new people into the Underwater World and help them develop as Divers.

Angharad - Divemaster

Learnt abroad, mastered in the U.K. Shining a torch onto a bright red octopus on a night dive in Thailand and playing hide and seek with a lemon shark in Fiji are some particular highlights! I love being the helping hand in the corner to get excited with the students and let the instructors do all the work, but then again who knows, maybe I’ll become one of them one day!!

Michael - Divemaster

I started my under water adventure in august 2017 after completing my DSD at the blue planet aquarium diving in the shark tank. Since completing my open water I have strived to better myself in the underwater world and became a dive master by august 2018. I now enjoy helping new divers better their skills.

Nick - Divemaster

Having learnt to dive in the Red Sea I got the bug and continued my training with PADI, ANDI and became an HSE Professional Scuba Diver. I have enjoyed various diving experiences some of which include completing a structural survey in Plymouth sound in January, exploring the myriad of wrecks off the coast of Bermuda, diving an uncharted reef whilst sailing on a tall ship around the Caribbean , the wrecks of Scapa Flow and the south coast of England. I enjoy introducing new divers to the delights of diving from doing a try dive in a pool to progressing to more adventurous training.

Steve - Divemaster

A diving addict who supports his habit by being a Paramedic! My first dive was in Plymouth Sound, 1986. I couldn’t see much but it made me want to dive a bit more. Since then I have dived all over the world with the military and more recently for fun in the Red Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific and Wrasbury . . . I am fascinated by marine wildlife and steer most of my diving towards ‘underwater safari’ experiences. It's an honour to be part of the OTD team and it’ll be a pleasure to introduce people to some of the amazing stuff that goes on beneath the waves.