Monkey Business

Monkey Business

Created: 2016-09-13

There was once a young, amazing, DiveMaster (Trainee) who was required to complete the PADI Deep specialty to achieve her most desired certification of being a full DM.

Despite having completed numerous dives, she was a little worried about going to 40m but was booked on to do the course in a beautiful part of Spain and was determined to not let her fears overcome her. Her subconscious however had other ideas which presented themselves in the form of a most terrifying dream…

“It was the third dive of the Deep spec and up until now all had been going well, she had done it, she’d gone to 40m and was now bimbling along with her instructor Kerrie and buddy Stef. She looked across and against the coral wall there was a LADDER(!) she thought that this was a terribly interesting thing to be under the sea, especially at 40m, so decided to investigate. What a mistake this turned out to be!!! Upon the ladder there was a MONKEY and as she approached, reached out and touched the ladder, the monkey turned around, and with a most fearsome hiss and bearing all of his teeth, which were pointed and razor sharp (think evil flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz but without the wings), he turned the sea BLACK. 

No torch light could penetrate the blackness and any sense of what was up and what was down was lost. They were all doomed….”

Our heroine decided that it would be best to relay her concerns, including a full account of the dream, to her instructor to gain some reassurance that this would not happen in reality. What a foolish mistake this was. Upon arrival to Spain and in the run up to the dreaded deep dive, there was much talk of monkeys and ladders and also many monkey impressions at the bottom of the sea from everyone on the boat.

The diving was going well and all of the skills were completed without a hitch but this just led to a false sense of security as things were about to take a turn for the worst. When pulling into a lovely sheltered spot for their second dive, she looked up only to see a LADDER attached to the cliff and leading to the sea!!! Panic was beginning to set in and a very sleepless night followed before the dreaded deep dive would be completed the following day.

When it came to the actual dive, things went without a hitch, the monkeys were very nice and decided to stay away and everyone was able to enjoy swimming around the dive site. Her fears had been faced and the utter delight at completing this spec was obvious when it came to the celebrations later that evening (that however is another story that we don’t have time for right now)

Skip forward 2 weeks when the full DiveMaster Course had been completed.

All thoughts of monkeys had been largely forgotten and there had been no more strange dreams. There were still the occasional “Monkey Girl” comments from others in the dive club that she took as a cool new nickname and badge of honour but this would turn out once more to be incorrect!!

At the Christmas party, there were many stories told and much fun and laughter among friends until she decided a comfort break was in order and things once more took a sinister turn. Feeling all refreshed and relieved, she walked back into the pub to be confronted by not just one, not even two but THIRTY THREE people in monkey masks, including bar staff!! Being the amazing cool, calm and collected character that she is though, she took this in her stride and was even able to join in the mask wearing fun.


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