Hannah’s Scuba Story

Hannah’s Scuba Story

Created: 2022-01-30

On my 13th birthday we were living in Australia and had gone up to Queensland for a holiday. Both of my parents dive so I had heard so many cool diving stories of turtles and wrecks, and I was desperate to get underwater. So on my birthday my parents gave me a Discover Scuba Diving experience on the Great Barrier Reef and I fell in love. I loved seeing all of the beautiful fish, hearing the parrotfish nibble on the coral and I even saw a baby black tip reef shark! I knew I wanted to do more and I did another Discover Scuba experience when we were in Greece and immediately wanted to get my full certification. 


Living back in the UK, in 2018 and now 14, I did my Open Water course with the full intention of being a warm water, holiday diver like my parents. But I loved the UK diving experience more than I thought I would. After doing my Dry Suit course, the cold didn’t put me off anymore. I loved diving in Vobster Quay in Somerset with all of the cool wrecks to see. As soon as I turned 15 and could turn my Junior Open Water certification into a full Open Water certification I did. This meant I was now certified to 18 m, but that wasn’t enough for me so I did my Advanced course and got certified to 30 m. 


I’m now a Rescue Diver on my way to being Master Scuba Diver (Covid interrupted my plans to complete this in 2021), and I’ve got to say the Rescue Diver course was one of my favourites to do. It taught me not only how to perform in emergency situations, but also made me more aware of divers around me and not just myself. This has been such a valuable skill and has made me more relaxed underwater, as I know what I should do if an emergency were to occur but also how to spot the signs of a potential emergency before it’s even occurred so I can help prevent it. 


One of the things that I love about diving in the UK is the community. Everyone I have ever met or dived with has been so nice and clearly very passionate about diving. This has meant that on every dive I’ve ever done in the UK I have been extremely relaxed and I have never felt unsafe with any of my dive buddies. This is the same reason that I love working at Ocean Turtle Diving. All of our customers have such interesting stories to tell and have a real passion for diving, not just in the UK but all over the world. The people really make a dive experience that much better and all the UK divers that I have met are great at making a dive enjoyable and safe at the same time. 


I am yet to do any sea dives in the UK, which has become a big bucket list thing for me at the moment. I’ve had a few opportunities to dive Lundy Island but these all fell through so I’m hoping this summer is the summer that I get to dive there with the seals! I also want to do sea dives around more of the UK including in Selsey and Porthkerris. 


Anyway that’s enough from me; happy diving! 



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