Club Room

Ocean Turtle Dive Clubs

We have not one, but two, active dive clubs!

Ocean Turtle Dive Club

You are already member of the Ocean Turtle Dive Club from the moment you contact us, or dive with us, or shop with us.  This means that you can book to come on any of our trips, and attend any of our social events.  We run regular social events on the first Friday of every month so please check out our Ocean Turtle Diving Facebook Page for details of our upcoming events.

We also have an amazing resource for you called Ocean Turtle Diving – Find a Buddy  where our divers post daily saying where they are going and inviting along extra divers.  We know that many of us have other halves that don’t dive, so it isn’t always easy to arrange a day’s diving – so if you ever fancy a dive and need someone to go with, have a look on there, or create a post, and you’ll have a buddy in no time.

Ocean Turtle Club Lounge

If you are after something more, then consider joining the Ocean Turtle Diving Club Lounge.

The Club Lounge offers divers a truly enhanced experience, with a plethora of benefits, both financial and social (see below for full details). We have a superb bunch of friendly and downright hilarious members, just waiting for you to jump on board.

Club Lounge Membership